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About PsyPractice Inc.
PsyPractice, Inc. is a mental health testing instrument development and implementation company. Founded in 2002, PsyPractice creates and markets the Mauldin Pattern Assessment (MPA), a unique, patent-pending, web-based assessment series for any age group. PsyPractice is a forward-thinking organization lead by the psychological visionary, Dr. John Mauldin, who believes Internet technology combined with innovative testing methods will make a difference in an organization’s client service.

About Dr. John Mauldin
Dr. John Mauldin, Founder and CEO PsyPractice Inc., is a psychologist who has worked in residential, rehabilitation, business, state mental health care, and private practice. While consulting with executive management teams Dr. Mauldin recognized the potential of harnessing Internet technology as the foundation for assessment instruments. Dr. Mauldin is realizing this potential with the creation of PsyPractice Inc., a mental health assessment company and the Mauldin Pattern Assessment (MPA) Instruments Series.  John is married and has one son.

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