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Mauldin Pattern Assessment (MPA) Online and Offline Instruments measure behavioral patterns, determine risk potentials, and recommend general levels of care for children, adolescents and adults.

always accessible
anyone, anytime, anywhere
secure 128 bit encryption
MPA Online Assessments are accessible by anyone, anytime, anywhere on the World Wide Web via a secure 128 bit encrypted Internet connection. MPA Offline Assessments are accessible from the Organization’s network (behind the firewall) or from custom installations on laptop PCs.

real client input,
real time results,
real simple
30 minutes or less
Easy to use, the assessment questions uncover life experiences in seven major areas. Additional subtests measure trauma in seventeen areas including three psychopathology subtests*. Standard reports are ready immediately.  These reports give multiple test comparisons, risk, pattern summary, and strengths / weaknesses.   The test completion time is typically 30 minutes or less and can be supervised by administrative staff.
* subtests are not included in the MPA-47 or MPA-811.

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