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PsyPractice helps make mental health assessing simpler, quicker and more valuable.

Your client records their experiences, your clinician receives immediate results and general recommendations, and your organization gets a powerful accountability system.

Our goal is to build better, faster and cheaper assessment products as well as provide exceptional mental health consulting and support services.

PsyPractice helps you help your clients.

PsyPractice Introduces Dynamic Pattern Assessment.

This unique, patented evaluation produces concise clinical information about individual idiosyncratic behavior patterns. Using a web-based application, PsyPractice creates a complete evaluation system that is easy to use, scalable to the organization needs, and statistically reliable.

How it Works

A clinician requests a Dynamic Pattern Assessment (each test must be authorized/reviewed by a Clinician). The Organization Administrator schedules the test taker (User). The Organization Administrator enter the Clinician name and simple demographic data about the User. The User arrives and takes a computer test consisting of a series of Yes/No questions about their life experiences. The questions are simple and straightforward. The text is written on a fifth grade reading level, but if necessary and assistant can read the questions without compromising test integrity. If needed, sample test can be viewed to prepare the User for the actual test. During the testing process, the taker cannot modify any item or skip items. Each User will complete a test evaluation upon completing the test questions. Each test is saved individually under the Administrator, Clinician and User names. The computer does the rest. It scores the answers and produces a report detailing the pattern areas and critical information for Clinician review.

Test / Retest Comparison

All User tests are kept in the database for future comparison. The test can be retaken at any time after the initial testing. The result of the second, third or multiple tests can be compared to the initial test. This process offers clear information about outcomes and idiosyncratic behavioral pattern changes.


Dynamic Pattern Assessments are stored on a remote server and are unavailable to anyone in your organization except the Organization Administrator. The remote website is fully encrypted and password protected. No information can be removed from the server at any time. The Organization Administrator can see only the tests for their organization. An Organization Administrator can print the test reports at any time, but the data is never removed. PsyPractice generates any statistical reports, at your request.

Intranet or Internet

The program can be used from the Internet or it can be loaded onto your company servers (Intranet). If the program is loaded onto a company's Intranet, the company will need to allow for maintenance and installation costs.

Statistical Evaluation

Dr. John Neal at Georgia State University will keep ongoing statistical evaluation on all test questions. He will review all questions and designate successful from unsuccessful questions. Unsuccessful questions will be excluded from the test data. In addition, test questions will be updated as required to ensure non-bias.

Future Versions

PsyPractice is continually improving and adding tests based on customer requests. In the Version 2 release, the Clinician will have the ability to capture the information reported by the Dynamic Pattern Assessment and convert it into a treatment plan. This treatment plan is developed with the User and includes progress notes reflecting treatment on each of the treatment plan goals.

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